Stuart Palmer has been a regular on the news stands for the last seven years with a monthly two-page feature published in ‘Writing Magazine’ up to and including January 2012. ‘Fantastic Realms’ dealt with every aspect of the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres, from plotting, pacing and characterisation to world-building, creating credible threats and the generation of suspense.

He continues to be a writing tutor on the correspondence courses run by ‘Writers’ News’, teaching Becoming a Successful Writer, Fiction Writing and Short Story Writing.

Prior to his stint on ‘Writing Magazine’, he had a number of short science fiction, fantasy, horror (and even romance) stories published in a wide variety of publications. Most notably, these included the UK’s ‘Interzone’ and the US’s ‘Aboriginal Science Fiction’.

He has also had a short ghost story published in a hardback anthology entitled ‘Gothic Ghosts’ released by Tor Books of New York.

Alongside Havi Ibrahim, he co-wrote the screenplay for the world’s first feature-length animated Kurdish film ‘The Legend of Kawa the Blacksmith’, which was supported through development by a local charitable trust.

Away from the fantastical, he has written articles for a wide range of publications, including a comprehensive teaching resource issued to every secondary school in the UK. This was commissioned by Compassion in World Farming and detailed the treatment of animals in the major faiths of the world.

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